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Irish Castles

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A vacation to remember – Irish Castles

Two weeks ago I had the good fortune of having my cousin Richard and his two sons Thad and Ethan visit me from the United States,  Richard was once here in Ireland before approximately 15 years ago, his two sons were never here. Having herd a great deal about Ireland, how green it was, about the Irish Thatch Cottages and how plentiful Irish Castles were. They asked inquiringly were Irish Castles really dotted all over Ireland like it is portrayed in films, fairy tails and stories about Ireland. Having being asked this question I decides to show off Ireland to my visiting friends in the best way I new how and selected a few Irish Castles in County Galway my home County which best typified the romance of Ireland and The Irish Castles. I first showed them some small castles Built by the Normans in the early 15th & 16th  Century in my locality, Irish Castles like Strongfort  Castle – Craughwell,  Dunguaire Castle – Kinvarra and  Aughnanure Castle near Oughterard  owned by the O’Flaherty Clan. Grace O Malley the pirate queen of Connacht once lived in this Castle after marrying Donal O’ Flaherty in 1546. However if it romance and splendid architecture you are looking for, there is no finer example than Kylemore Castle ( Kylemore Abbey)  in Connamara. This Irish Castle was built by Mitchell and Margaret Henry from 1867 – 1871 after previously visiting the area and staying at Kylemore Lodge on honeymoon. Their wish was to one day own their home there, a wish they realized after the death of  Mitchell’s Father a cotton merchant in Manchester who left Mitchell a fortune which he used to build this magnificent Castle, complete with walks, gardens and woodlands which eventually covered 13,000 acres. The Irish Castle at Kylemore is picture postcard perfect and a must see for all Irish castle lovers. The Irish Thatch Cottage was another big attraction to our visitors the castle of the common man and woman of Ireland at the time spanning from the early 17th Century to the early 20th Century also holding a romantic place in every Irish man heart often known as the “Heart and Home of Ireland. The Cuckoos Garden has produced a range of  Birdhouses and Bird feeders to capture this romance of our Irish Homes to allow us place them right if our gardens another great love of homeowners everywhere. they can be purchased at our website at www.cuckoosgarden.com



Your Home is your Castle

Your Home is your Castle

Irish Thatch Cottage

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Irish thatch Cottage Birdhouse

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The Cuckoos Garden were the first to introduced the Irish Thatch Cottage as a Birdhouse and because the Irish Thatch Cottage is such a symbol of Ireland and the Irish people, like our Art, Music, and of course “The Guinness”. With Ireland having such a rich culture I decided to create the most meaningful symbol of Ireland of all, the Irish Thatch Cottage Home often regarded as and I quote, “The Heart and Home of Ireland”. The Irish Thatch cottage first evolved in Ireland in the early 17th Century and was largely made from local materials gathered generally not greater that 5-8 mile radius, it was once dotted all over Ireland with little small variations depending on the materials and craftsman available. The Irish people both at home and abroad regard the Irish Thatch Cottage as “Home”. You don’t have to a bird lover but it’s a bonus to enjoy the Irish That Cottage Birdhouse, due to all the sentiment associated with it. For most people it is simply enough to look out their window and to gaze on “Home” to draw up precious memories of times gone by.
I have given the Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse a little bit of a makeover by changing the color of the window sills and plinth from grey to strawberry red, thus replicating many of the Irish thatch Cottages all over Ireland and at the same time making it more colorful. The materials used in the manufacture of this Thatch Cottage Birdhouse are all water resistant because of the composite material used and therefore requires no painting as color has been added at the manufacturing stage of the material, The Thatch is exterior quality, the stand is pressure treated timber and is anchored to the ground using ground pegs provided. More details can be viewed at my website www.cuckoosgarden.com. or contact Raymond at 087 – 2345846